Enhance your customer support experience by adding SMS into the mix. Most customer-centric companies offer phone, email, or live chat support services. However in the client’s mind, each service type has it’s own purpose.

Generally, phone calls are reserved for urgent enquiries. Emails have a reputation for providing an inadequate answer or a slow response time. Lastly, everyone loves a live chat, but taking advantage of this can be very time consuming. It takes multiple steps to reach a live chat, and once you’re in - you have to keep the window open and wait in a queue until a someone is available.

Introducing SMS Support

Texting gives customers the convenience of asking short questions, which they can get quick answers to. It can also be accessed without an internet connection, and on any mobile device. This means clients won’t have to spend extra time opening an additional browser window or external application. Your customer also doesn’t have to wait on hold. Customer service representatives will be able to reply faster to these short enquiries, and clients will be happier with the response time.

Add Email to SMS

You can also forward any SMS to your email. From here, you can see a conversation build in your inbox, and have all replies sent back as text messages. In addition to this, if you use Zendesk - we have a direct SMS integration readily available.

Zendesk Integration

Integrate SMS directly into Zendesk

Through our direct Zendesk SMS integration, you can receive enquiries and respond to Zendesk support tickets via SMS. Allow your customers to contact you on the go. With our simple integration guide you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Receive tickets and alert users when tickets are updated

We created an easy to follow step by step guide to make everything simple. If you need any assistance, one of our experts will be available to help.

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