Create more relevant, engaging, and personalised ads with SMS marketing. Every business has a database. The amount of relevant data you have inside each user profile, determines the social value of your marketing database. Through Burst SMS, you can import your entire database in a .CSV or .XLS file.

Depending on how targeted you want to be, just simply create separate contact lists. If you don’t have much data inside your user profile, but would like to add more depth, then you can gather more data with a landing page form. This new information can be set to flow directly into your contact list too, making the process of improving your data seamless. Let’s also not forget how important timing is, that’s why you can schedule your SMS marketing campaigns to send at any time.

The average time it takes to set-up a campaign is just 5mins.

Happy Clients

Client: Lifestyle Fitness Australia | Industry: Health and Fitness

Personalisation is a must when it comes to SMS marketing. It’s important to remember that text messaging is a social tool, which means you are talking to your customer directly. Communicate with your audience in a social way by using custom variables. In this example, Lifestyle Fitness Australia uses the variables [FirstName] and [Promo] to help personalise their message, thus making it more relatable for their client.

Current State of SMS Marketing

As the messaging industry has evolved, SMS marketing has become more effective. Read about how instant messaging has helped boost SMS marketing by clicking here. Check out the current state of SMS by clicking here.

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