If you’re in an emergency situation or want to make an immediate impact, sending an SMS alert is one of your best and most cost-effective options. Statistics prove that SMS has an average 98% open rate. More importantly most recipients open an SMS in less than 3 minutes.

Common types of SMS alerts:

Sale Alerts

Perfect for flash sales, SMS Marketing, and time-sensitive promotions. For a targeted experience, try connecting your sale alerts with your customer’s geolocation. That way the odds of them converting are even higher - since they will receive alerts only when they’re within a convenient distance of your store.

Safety Alerts

Did you know 91% of mobile phone users have their devices within reach 24⁄7 a day? This is why SMS safety alerts are so important. Text messages don’t need an internet connection either, which is usually the first to go in a state of emergency.

Notification Alerts

For a more custom option, special SMS notification alerts can be built into your business through our SMS API. Here are a few examples of what our clients are doing:

  • Stock and currency alerts
  • Unfamiliar login warning
  • Successful money transfers
  • School grades
  • Mobile Apps

Happy Clients

Client: The Motley Fool | Industry: Financial Solutions

The Motley Fool uses our sms-api to send their members SMS notifications, once stock market movement appears. Stocks can dip within seconds, that’s why traders need every possible advantage they can get.

To stay ahead of their competition, the Motley Fool also uses our SMS customer support tool to respond to customers as fast as possible. Once they receive a website enquiry, an SMS is sent directly to one of their customer service representatives. That way, any enquiry, good or bad, will be resolved immediately. This keeps everyone happy.

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